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A spirited trainer who encourages and coaches people to maximize their potential


Erika is an entrepreneurial business person who has achieved noteworthy success in the fields of retail, marketing, sales, consulting, and education, both domestically and internationally. Her innovative efforts have resulted in numerous professional accolades and extensive positive coverage both on T.V. and in the press. She excels in customer service and sales and has coached many business people to implement strategies that have improved their bottom line.


For 25 years, Erika has been a personality style enthusiast and attributes her business success to understanding the four personality temperaments. She has dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge and expertise with people who want to take their life the next level. She provides the tools to help you improve all aspects of your personal and business life.

Presentations Offered

A testimonial to Erika as a presenter:  

“Erika is a consummate presenter.  I have seen her present in front of an audience of 3,000 effectively, with confident elegance.  She is a highly skilled seminar and workshop leader.  She leaves her audience motivated and eager to put what they have learned into practice.”  

M. Anttila, Author, Seminar Leader, Entrepreneur





This is my flagship training program -  can be customized to suit your group and time restrictions.

Note: Main parts of this training is included in the Rising Higher Seminar

Are you ready to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your family, friends, co-workers, and clients?  

Learning about the four personality styles will take your personal and business relationships to a whole new level.  In this fun-filled interactive workshop, you’ll identify your gifts, talents, values, and challenges and that of others so you can effectively deal with them.  You’ll learn to appreciate people’s differences and similarities, resulting in more acceptance and less judgment.  Increasing your understanding of the people you encounter in your day-to-day activities will make it easier to communicate and connect with them in a meaningful way.  It’s what people want, and what today’s customers demand, but rarely find.



Join me to explore WHO AM I? and WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?

Next seminar 

Date & Time: 12 January 2019 - 


Location: Mukilteo Chamber Of Commerce - 4902 76th ST SW, Mukilteo WA

Limited seating so reserve your seat now!  Email LiveOutLoudwithErika@gmail.com

Investment: $75 per person

Early Bird Special: Register before January 1st, 2019 and receive Erika's Rising Higher book FREE!

Lunch: Optional $15 per person for a healthy organic lunch

This is your invitation to a passionate, fulfilling life!

Do you know your personality style, spiritual gifts, and your purpose?

Are you in alinment with your purpose and what you’re meant to do? 

Are you feeling passionate, alive, and joyful in your personal and professional life?

Are you sharing your gifts, telling your story, and using your voice from your truth and heart?

Are you hiding, diming, or holding back due to fear of failure, rejection or judgment?

Most people are not living the life God designed for them to live.  We are all created to serve others.  When you understand your innate gifting and purpose, and you follow the path prepared for you in advance by God, you'll experience joy, fulfillment, creativity, and energy every day.  You'll be the bright light that you were designed to be!

It's time to take control of your life!  It's time to live a meaningful, joyful, exciting life!  Give yourself the gift of joining me on a journey that is sure to have a positive impact on your life, for the rest of your life!  It's time to awaken the passion in your heart!

This empowering workshop will help you discover the full extent of the gifts you were born with.  We take an in-depth look at the correlation between the four personality styles and 24 spiritual gifts and their characteristics. 

Stop wondering why you were created and what your purpose is.  This workshop will give you the tools to create a life filled with joy, peace, creativity and purpose.

Commit to making 2019 and the rest of your life, the BEST of your life.

Register today - seating is limited!



"I was really excited to attend this seminar. Wow! It was amazing! Life changing for sure. Can't wait to see what God has for me to use his gifts."

~Kim Thompson, Loan Officer at Prime Lending

"I went to the workshop for fun and to gain pointers that I could use in business. Erika’s teaching delivered more than expected; it was so practical that I use what I learned on a daily basis. Her teaching helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and the behavioral traits of the different personality types, resulting in better relationships with my family, coworkers, and spouse. I’m able to appreciate our differences and can see the contribution that each one brings to my world. By understanding the people that I interact with, I’m better able to navigate through life without all the speedbumps." 

~ Lynn Wise, CFO of Cement Distributors Inc.

“Erika helped me clarify my gifts. I’ve been able to use the information I learned to launch myself out of “stuck mode.” My new level of clarity helps me to see myself and others in a positive light, giving me a newfound boldness to use my gifts to live the life I was created to live. Erika’s encouragement will inspire you to become all that God meant for you to be. I owe some of my most recent success to the wisdom I’ve gained from Erika’s teachings.” 

~ Jen Hylton, Wellness Advocate



SERVICE & SALES TRAINING – Customized to suit your needs

Being successful in sales boils down to one thing – Service!  In today’s business climate, customers want to have a relationship with the people working at the businesses they frequent.  As Jim Rohn said, “If you make a sale, you can make a living.  If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.”  

Customers want service today, and the companies that endeavor to make it their focus will not only profit in monetary gain but in customer loyalty. 

Erika has received several accolades honoring her for her innovative business ideas, customer service, and sales performance.  She is a service pro, gifted at seeing what’s necessary to make your business stand out from the rest. 

She’ll leave everyone excited and enthusiastic to take action.



Want to be the best in your field? 

 Advertising that you provide superior or excellent service means nothing today.  What matters is when the customer first has contact with you, and what transpires after that.  This workshop is loaded with tips on the do’s and don’ts of winning clients, making sales, and going the extra mile in service to help you produce superior results.  

This is an interactive workshop with open discussion and brainstorming activities.  Erika will contribute ideas that will help you create first-class service – the type of service that helps you win customers and keep them for life.   

There is always room to increase profits, and it starts with getting leaders and staff on the same page.  Erika has the intuition and knowledge that will help to move your service standards forward, ranking you with the best in your field. 

Don’t lag behind in service, hire Erika today!



What a client had to say about Erika’s sales training: 

“Erika has been coaching and training me in both sales and life for years, and the results have been astounding.  My success is a direct reflection of her knowledge and talent.  She is at the top of her game!”  

T. Clare, Multiple Business Owner 


Erika has won several prestigious sales awards and will share how to take a prospect and turn them into a lifetime customer. 

Understanding the preferences of the four personality styles adds a new dimension to team interactions, and it enhances the influence that salespeople will have with customers and prospects.  Knowing how customers prefer to communicate, make decisions, and what motivates them to take action, brings a new level of increase in sales productivity and new business. 

This is an interactive workshop that will help you become a sales pro!    

Hire Erika to help your team come together to achieve spectacular results.



If your team isn’t performing, it’s because they don’t feel appreciated, heard, and valued.  Happy employees are productive employees. 

Leadership has a huge impact on how synergistically the team engages together to produce and enhance results.  Companies that learn how to harness the strengths of their employees bring their goals to fruition with less effort and stress - this practice empowers everyone to appreciate their full worth and contribution to the team, and that of their co-workers, helping to form a cohesive team.

Want to enjoy your co-workers and your work environment? Erika will show you how to achieve this.


BOOKS by Erika Hubbard

RISING HIGHER - Discovering Your Spiritual Gift DNA - A Roadmap to Your Purpose 

Available on Amazon at


About the Book:


Rising Higher shares all the resources needed to identify your personality style, your spiritual gifting, and your purpose. Understanding these three things, helps answer important questions like: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” Erika’s goal is to point you towards your best life, using your innate gifting to live a fruitful life of passion and purpose.


* Gain a deeper understanding of the four personality styles and their behavioral traits

* Identify your spiritual gift DNA and gain in-depth knowledge about all 26 spiritual gifts

* Clarify your purpose and role in the Body of Christ

* Discover ways in which you can make a difference in your community and elsewhere, using your innate gifting

* Enjoy meaningful relationships, rich in understanding, acceptance, and respect

What people are saying about the book:

“Have you ever wondered what you should do with your life in the midst of the many options and choices you have? Erika’s RISING HIGHER – Discovering Your Spiritual Gift DNA - A Roadmap to Your Purpose book will help you with that decision by providing insights into how God has designed you. Questions such as what excites you, what gets your imagination going, what gives you a sense of purpose, and what makes you come alive are green lights in the decision-making process. I highly encourage you to spend some time with her book and the insights she brings to the process. You will be a more fulfilled and blessed person for doing so and thus, a greater blessing to others and the Kingdom of God.”

Keith Hook, Mission Leader/Former Missionary and Pastor


"Erika has discovered the key to identifying personality types and then connecting them to the use of spiritual gifts in the church.  Any follower of Christ who reads this will be stirred to action!"

Billy Wheeler, Lead Pastor, Calvary Everett


WINNING IN BUSINESS:  Effective Use of the Four Personality Styles in Leadership, Service, and Sales 

Available on Amazon at 


About the Book:

Advertising that you provide superior or excellent service means nothing today.  What matters is when the customer first has contact with you, and what transpires after that.  This book is for people in leadership, service, and sales professions that want to be the best in their field.  It’s loaded with tips on the do’s and don’ts of winning clients, creating cohesive teams, making sales, and going the extra mile in service to help you produce superior results.  You’ll discover tips on relating to and appreciating the various personality styles, including some practical advice that will help you open up lines of communication, lower your stress, and enhance your personal relationship effectiveness.

What people are saying about the book:   

“If you are looking to understand how to serve your customers at an even higher level in ways you likely have never considered, get Erika’s book, WINNING IN BUSINESS:  Effective Use of the Four Personality Styles in Leadership, Service, and Sales.  It offers insights from a potent personality perspective that helps you earn credibility, build trust, and establish loyal business relationships.  Erika offers her expertise and observations from over 25 years of experience in the field of customer service with her easy-to-read, straightforward, spirited writing style.  You’ll learn about yourself, your colleagues, and your competition as well as your customers in this valuable book.”   

Mary Miscisin, Author of Personality Lingo and Showing Our True Colors, Noted Speaker 


“Rarely are readers given a single book where identifying the right goals are presented clearly, combined with simple, yet powerful, step-by-step road maps on how to achieve them.  WINNING IN BUSINESS:  Effective Use of the Four Personality Styles in Leadership, Service, and Sales is such a book.  I congratulate Erika on her book.  And, I commend the book to anyone starting out on a new venture and seeking guidance, or anyone mid-journey, looking for an inspiring tune-up.”  

Sheldon Bowles, Best-Selling Author – Raving Fans and Gung Ho, Noted Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, President of Ode to Joy


LIVE OUT LOUD!  Living a Passionate Life on Purpose

Available on Amazon.com in December 2018.

Is your life filled with purpose, passion, and joy?  

If you feel stuck in a life that isn’t fulfilling, a life lacking in purpose, passion and joy, chances are you are not living the life you were meant to live.    

This book will show you the way to your authentic life.  It sheds light on who the four personalities are, their gifts, what stresses them out, and what they need to be happy and confident.  Understanding how the various styles communicate and behave will quickly help you transform your personal and professional relationships and allow you to enjoy meaningful connections with the people in your life, rich in understanding, acceptance, and respect.

What people are saying about the book:

“One of the greatest blessings of being human is the opportunity we have of being in a relationship with others.  It is also one of the greatest challenges, whether in a business or personal context.  I have helped others work on their relationships.  I’ve also had to work on my own over the years and continue to do so.  Erika’s book, ‘LIVE OUT LOUD!  Living a Passionate Life On Purpose,’ is a welcome addition to the literature available on relationships.  It gave my wife and me helpful information and a greater understanding of ourselves and each other.  I heartily recommend it to you.”   

Keith Hook, Mission Leader/Former Missionary and Pastor  


"Erika’s book, ‘LIVE OUT LOUD!  Living a Passionate Life On Purpose,’ provides amazing insight into four personality styles that will give you a better understanding of any person in your life.  It will surely improve your relationships and interactions with others.  Learn how to avoid misunderstandings and improve your communication skills."

Marilyn Anderson, BGS, BEd, and Language Skills Instructor


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